Meet the Team

Josh Ramer

Josh Ramer is the co-founder and CEO of DiversIQ. In that role, he furthers the company’s mission to help stakeholders make data-informed decisions, and build more diverse, equitable, and inclusive organizations. Prior to founding DiversIQ, Josh founded RetailSails, a retail industry benchmarking product that he sold to the market research firm eMarketer. Josh then remained with eMarketer as the company’s Vice President of product, until the sale of the company to the German publishing house Axel Springer. Before that, Josh spent the first half of his career at Wall Street investment banks, where he built systems and processes to help “count the beans” more efficiently. Josh lives in the New Jersey suburbs with his wife and two daughters.

Hilary Alcock

Hilary Alcock is the co-founder and head of research of DiversIQ. In that role, she oversees a team of DEI researchers, as well as the firm’s research methodology, technology, and data collection practices. Prior to co-founding DiversIQ, Hilary led the research team at eMarketer, a market research firm focused on digital technology, media and commerce. Before that, Hilary honed her research skills in both public and private settings, including at a public library, and in the research unit of a large advertising agency. Hilary and her husband live in a small Texas town, where she’s focused on growing DiversIQ, tending to her butterfly garden and sewing quilts.

Lucas Cramer

Lucas is a research associate who diligently analyzes, aggregates and synthesizes data from public company disclosures. He hails from Boston, MA, and grew up spending long summers on Cape Cod, where he learned to juggle, sail, and serve the best slice of Pizza around – skills that play absolutely no role in data research, but that he’s very proud of nonetheless. Lucas is a graduate of the University of Maryland, where he studied finance and meteorology, and played competitive club soccer.

Hadley Sinkowitz

Hadley brings significant data analysis and communications experience to the DiversIQ team, including through her current role as a human intelligence collector in the U.S. Army Reserves. In her role at DiversIQ, Hadley analyzes, extracts and synthesizes DEI data points that help stakeholders benchmark company performance and risk. She is also passionate about building a dynamic team and data product, and leads the company’s 2023 internship program. Hadley received her MBA, and a B.A. in economics from the State University of New York at Binghamton. She lives on Long Island, New York, where she enjoys spending time with her dog, drinking coffee, working out, and cooking.

Areeba Yasin

As a research analyst, Areeba analyzes company filings to extract and synthesize valuable DEI data points that aid in benchmarking and assessing public companies. Areeba is also passionate about building an intentional and transparent culture at DiversIQ, and is spearheading the company’s internship program. Areeba joined DiversIQ after serving in several public sector research and communications roles, where she worked with political candidates, school systems, and the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco. A magna cum laude graduate of American University, Areeba currently lives with her family in California’s Bay Area, where she enjoys crocheting, reading, and hiking.