DiversIQ is your go-to resource for comprehensive coverage of human capital and diversity data, enabling benchmarking of the KPIs investors demand and companies use internally to measure progress.

Our framework provides stakeholders with a holistic view of companies’ human capital efforts—policies and strategies; rankings and recognition from 3rd parties; anonymous ratings from employees; and measures of leadership and workforce representation and development.

Save yourself thousands of hours of research and analysis. We gather data from publicly available sources including company filings, corporate responsibility reports and diversity websites; vet the data to ensure accuracy; normalize the data to enable apples-to-apples comparisons; and provide tools to easily integrate the data into your workflow. There are no proprietary scores—each data point is directly linked to the source information for full transparency.


Our coverage universe currently includes the S&P 500 and Russell 1000, and our roadmap for expansion looks like this:

  • S&P 1500: Q2 2023
  • Russell 2000: Q4 2023
  • Russell 3000/International coverage 2024

We measure and report on whether a company reports data and at what level of detail over time, as well as the underlying data with clickthrough attribution at the data point level.

Board of Directors




Race / ethnicity


Workforce, by Job Category

EEO-1 Data


Race / ethnicity





Development & Equity

New hires


Turnover / retention

% internal hires

Median pay gap

CEO pay ratio

Supplemental Info

Glassdoor ratings by category

Inclusion on rankings, ratings and best-of lists

Policies and procedures: human rights, code of conduct, anti-discrimination, etc.

Data & Delivery

Data is updated in our database regularly as sources publish new information, and is immediately available on the DiversIQ platform. Data feeds are updated every Wednesday at 11AM EST. Learn more by viewing our Data Dictionary.


DiversIQ is available on an annual subscription basis. You will get full access to the platform and raw data feeds.

  • S&P 500/Russell 1000: contact us
  • Early Partner Program: up to 50% off list price
    • Invite-Only. Get current coverage immediately and all coverage expansion, product and feature updates as they are released for 12 months. Opportunity to provide ongoing feedback and help shape the future of the product. 

Product (beta)

There are 2 core components of the DiversIQ product:

  • Disclosures: what metrics companies report and at what level of detail over time
  • Raw data: underlying data points for those metrics with click-through source attribution

Sample data can be accessed on the DiversIQ platform or through data feeds. See the data dictionary for documentation of the included tables and available metrics, demographics, and job categories included.

Contact us to request trial access to the platform or sample data feeds.