DiversIQ For Asset Managers

DiversIQ for Asset Managers

The only research firm focused solely on diversity and human capital data, DiversIQ delivers the most comprehensive set of benchmarks for thousands of publicly traded companies. 

Asset managers rely on DiversIQ for aiding in fundamental research, benchmarking, and stewardship efforts for companies in their funds.

Asset Managers Using DiversIQ

DiversIQ Aided Proxy Voting

Asset managers leverage DiversIQ data on board members and NEOs to identify proxy voting opportunities and to inform their votes with more accurate data. 
All board-level demographics data tracked by DiversIQ is self-identified and verified by our research team.
  • Real-time Updates on Board and NEO Individuals
  • See Progress of Board and NEO Diversity Over Time
  • Validate Sources of Individual Diversity
Faster Understanding Of Company Performance

Deeper understanding of diversity metrics in your portfolio

Less manual prep time for due diligence conversations, and more complete understanding of human capital performance of your fund (both over time, and relative to other public companies).

Quickly See Company Disclosure Data

Visibility into diversity changes companies are making to inform stewardship efforts

All the data you need for diversity stewardship is up-to-date, and in one place.

Reports & Webinars

DiversIQ Webinars and Reports are created synthesizing the data from our platform, and pulling out unique insights. Dive in, and enjoy. 

Trends in EEO-1 Disclosure Webinar

The State of EEO-1 Disclosure [Report]

2023 Human Capital Disclosure Trends

Free Tools

Get an idea of the DiversIQ data and platform without filling a form.

Board of Directors Diversity Dashboard

Summary and trends of the diversity and disclosures of the Board of Directors at S&P 500 companies.

EEO-1 Tracker​

See which S&P 500 companies have disclosed their EEO-1 data since 2014 and compare gender and race/ethnicity by job level.

The Platform

An overview of our data, how it’s categorized, and how it ends up in the hands of paying customers. 


Our coverage universe currently includes the S&P 500 and Russell 1000, and our roadmap for expansion looks like this:

  • MSCI World: Q4 2023
  • Russell 2000: Q4 2023
  • Russell 3000/Expanded International Coverage: 2024

We measure and report on whether a company reports data and at what level of detail over time, as well as the underlying data with clickthrough attribution at the data point level

Board of Directors




Race / ethnicity


Workforce, by Job Category

EEO-1 Data


Race / ethnicity





Development & Equity

New hires


Turnover / retention

% internal hires

Median pay gap

CEO pay ratio

Supplemental Info

Glassdoor ratings by category

Inclusion on rankings, ratings and best-of lists

Policies and procedures: human rights, code of conduct, anti-discrimination, etc.

Data & Delivery

Data is updated in our database regularly as sources publish new information, and is immediately available on the DiversIQ platform. Data feeds are updated every Wednesday at 11AM EST. Learn more by viewing our Data Dictionary.