Wells Fargo EEO-1 Total Workforce Diversity

Wells Fargo Workforce Diversity Statistics

Wells Fargo’s workforce is 55.4% female, and 44.6% male.
Their workforce is 54% White, 13.7% Black/African American, 16.6% Hispanic/Latino, 11.5% Asian, and 4.2% other.

Wells Fargo Diversity Index and Transparency Score

Represented in the S&P 100, there are 18 companies from the Financials sector. Amongst them, Wells Fargo ranks…
• 5th for Black/African American diversity.
• 4th for Hispanic/Latino diversity.
• 15th for Asian diversity.
• 1st for “other” diversity.

Wells Fargo Board Member Diversity

Wells Fargo Board Diversity Statistics

Wells Fargo’s Board of Directors is 38.5% female, and 61.5% male.
Their Board of Directors is 69.2% White, 23.1% Black/African American, 7.7% Hispanic/Latino, and 0% Asian.

The Wells Fargo Board of Directors consists of 13 members. The average age of a board member is 64.8 years old, and the average tenure for existing members is 4.3 years.

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