The State of the CDO Today

Back in mid-2021, we wrote ‘The Demand for Chief Diversity Officers is Reaching a Crescendo.’

Many of our clients want to know if companies have a Chief Diversity Officer (or head), and where they sit in the organization, so it’s just one of many pieces of information we are now tracking.

Here are some highlights from the S&P 100:

  • 94 of the 100 have a CDO or head of DEI
  • Of those
    • 61 have a variation of Chief Diversity Officer in their title
    • 26 are part of the executive leadership team (bio listed on the corporate leadership site)
    • 10 report directly to the CEO
    • The average tenure is 2.5 years
      • The avg tenure for other positions in the S&P 100
        • CEO: 7.6 years
        • CFO: 3.9
        • COO: 4.7
        • CLO/General Counsel: 5.7

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