A Webinar With The Latino Corporate Directors Association

Today we’re launching a webinar with the Latino Corporate Directors Association.  In this webinar we’ll discuss many things…the importance of self-identification, Latinx representation in the C-Suite and the boardroom, and transparency trends in 2024. 

Let’s start with some foundational data to set the stage for our conversation. (Or jump straight to the webinar here

Board Disclosure Trends 2020-2024

S&P 500
White: 80.9% 👉 75.8%
Black/African American: 9.5% 👉 11.9%
Asian: 9.5% 👉 11.9%
Hispanic/Latino: 3.8% 👉 5.0%
Other: 0.8% 👉 1.1%

Russell 1000
White: 82.5% 👉 77.0%
Black/African American: 7.9% 👉 10.4%
Asian: 5.1% 👉 6.8%
Hispanic/Latino: 3.6% 👉 4.6%
Other: 0.9% 👉 1.2%

As you can see, the disclosure landscape has evolved dramatically since Hilary and I first started working on DiversIQ. Another major shift is how prevalent public disclosure of EEO-1 reports has become. When we started researching this space, only 30 public companies – mostly large tech firms – made this intersectional workforce data public. 

Now, 400 out of the S&P 500 share them, and stakeholders are beginning to push small and mid-size firms as well for disclosure. To validate how directors and executives self-identify, there were many cases where we were forced to rely on pictures and surnames. Now, through explicit disclosures, triangulation, and partnerships with organizations like the LCDA we are nearing 100% confidence in self-identification of S&P 500 board members. We’ve also seen an increase in representation, though diverse communities have not benefited equally (see chart below 👇 ).


Access the webinar with the Latino Corporate Directors Association now to learn more.

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