How the S&P 100 Companies Set DEI Goals

DiversIQ started out by helping clients benchmark human capital and DEI transparency and performance for public companies, focusing on quantitative metrics like workforce representation, hiring/promotion/turnover rates, and pay equity.

We’re now starting to go deeper by including more qualitative information, such as programs, policies, benefits, and the story companies are telling.

One area we started to go deep on is the goals/targets companies are setting around DEI and human capital.

In light of the recent Supreme Court ruling on affirmative action, we thought it would be interesting to take a look at the goals for S&P 100 companies (roughly the largest 100 public US companies), specifically as it relates to representation and hiring.

See our recent webinar here where we discussed the impact that the SCOTUS ruling is having on the DEI space.

The main takeaways on how the S&P 100 are setting goals are: 

  • 50 of the S&P 100 has at least 1 goal relating to representation and hiring targets for specific demographic groups
  • 49 have goals for representation, only 6 have goals related to hiring
  • 43 have goals specifically related to gender and/or race/ethnicity
  • Only 1 company has a hiring quota focused on race/ethnicity

Here is a sample of goals for 10 of the S&P 100 to highlight the different ways companies are approaching the issue.

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