What the Anti-ESG Backlash Means for DEI-related Shareholder Advocacy

[ Webinar ] The Impact of the Anti-ESG Backlash and the Recent SCOTUS Ruling

September 27, 2023 | 2-3pm Eastern 

The debate around sustainable investing and proxy voting has reached fever pitch in 2023, and companies and investors alike have been understandably concerned.

Specifically, the Supreme Court ruling on affirmative action led some companies to step back from corporate DEI programs, and investors who want to stay out of the political crosshairs are lying low. But is this reaction necessary, or even founded?

DiversIQ was joined by members from the Racial Justice Investing Coalition (LWC and Trillium), and Employment Attorney Ken Gage from Paul Hastings, to discuss the future of human capital management and how investors should respond.

Josh Ramer

Founder @ DiversIQ

Larisa Ruoff

Shareholder Advocacy and SRI Research @ LWC

Elizabeth Levy

Head of ESG Strategy and Portfolio Manager @ Trillium

Ken Gage

Partner @ Paul Hastings LLC

Dan Berlingeri

Account Executive @ DiversIQ